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One of the 12 synergy stones, it has an intense, high vibration that expands one's level of awareness for an uplifting, positive transformation.

It is also known as the "Angel Stone". It facilitates a deep connection with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and animal totems.

It is also called the "Stone of Manifestation" as it helps bring to physical reality one's intention.

Its powerful, loving energy brings a profound sense of joy, peace and healing. It works on the heart, throat, third eye, crown chakras, and all the way up to the soul star chakra.

It heals all types of emotional trauma and eliminates fear and worry concerning financial endeavors and emotional relationships. It helps maintain a balanced mental state. It clears and stabilizes the auric field and only attracts positive energies.

It is perfect to use in meditation as it brings one to a deeper meditative state and higher consciousness.

It is highly protective and shields from negative energies, psychic attacks and harmful spells.

Set of 11 pieces
29 grams