Golden Topaz GT-03
Golden Topaz GT-03
Golden Topaz GT-03

Golden Topaz GT-03

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A powerful crystal that brings abundance and prosperity. It helps manifest one's intention in alignment with Divine will for the highest good. 

It clears and balances the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras. It activates the Crown chakra and surrounds one with a golden spiritual glow. It assists one in finding the right path, offering a step closer to Enlightenment. 

It boosts one's mood, stamina, self-esteem and confidence. It strengthens one's will, stimulates intellect and promotes creativity. 

It brings positive energies and good thoughts. 

A wonderful sleep crystal that fends off nightmares. 

It has been used during the ancient times as an amulet for protection against harm. It
protects against all negativities.

** Set in 925 Sterling Silver
** Handcrafted in Brazil.
7 grams