Girasol Quartz tumbled
Girasol Quartz tumbled

Girasol Quartz tumbled

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Girasol Quartz...
Also known as Opalized Quartz, its milky, cloudy appearance comes from the microscopic inclusions of fluids that have been trapped inside the crystal during its growth. It has the same energy as Quartz, but much gentler.

It is excellent to use during meditation or when doing readings. It creates a quiet space and brings clarity and insight to all things unseen. It is an excellent tool to use for visualization and manifestation.

Energy healers use this prior to a healing session to start the energy flow. It helps release blockages. It is also effective to use in distance healing techniques.

It is calming, and it balances emotions. It brings feelings of hope and optimism. It enhances creativity and communication skills; and helps one to focus and think clearly.

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