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OM Crystal Quartz pendant

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Om (Aum) Crystal Quartz pendants. This symbol is considered to be a powerful protective symbol. OM represents the most profound concepts of universal creation. AUM represents the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; the heavens, earth the underworld; and the 3-Fold Division of Time- the waking, dreaming, and dreamless states representing the state of Infinite Consciousness. The physical form of Lord Ganesha is said to be that of OM. Lord Ganesha is the Hindu deity that removes obstacles and ensures success in any endeavor. He is also known as the God of wisdom, prosperity and success.

Clear Quartz have strong vibrations and excellent metaphysical properties. It is the most versatile among all healing stones. It is a stone of power and it amplifies any energy or intention. It protects against negativity.